How to join The Ripple Effects:

  • To qualify for membership, each member in the directory is required to serve God with their Time/Talents, and Treasure. Each member must provide proof with a 1)STATEMENT OF SERVICE and 2) PROOF OF GIVING in the following ways:

  • 1) Statement of Service- Member will agree to a statement of service and will be required to share how they serve God through their church or community with their time and talents. Each member will also have the opportunity to list their areas of service under "Areas I Serve at Church" on their business listing.

  • 2) Proof of Giving- For serving with their treasure, each member will be required to do one of the following:
  • Giving Statement from their local church- This can be for current year to date or from the previous year.
  • Confirmation of Giving from your local church- Have a church administrator simply state in writing that they are a member in good standing and financially contribute to the ministry. For example; “John Smith/Jane Doe is a member of our church in good standing and a financial contributor to our ministry”. This confirmation should then be signed by a church administrator from your local church or emailed from a church administrator and dated accordingly. (Because of the additional church resources required, this option is subject to approval by each church)
  • Stewardship Agreement- This is a temporary substitution for the Giving Statement/Confirmation of Giving. The membership will be evaluated in 6 months and again at renewal to make sure that the member is in compliance with the giving requirement. By selecting this option, the member agrees to provide a current Giving Statement/Confirmation of Giving prior to the end of the 6 month review period and understands that if the member does not adhere to these terms, the member may no longer remain an active member of The Ripple Effects. If the member decides to rededicate their commitment to these terms, the member can reapply for membership with The Ripple Effects in the future.

    Click Why do we require this for additional information as to why we require our members to give of their time, talent, and treasure.

  • 3) Agree to the Terms and Conditions- This includes the expectations for a “Christian” business.

  • 4) Create YOUR account- Set up your billing information for $289 per year and build your listing. To begin, click the continue button below.



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