Why do we require a Statement of Service and Giving Statement, Confirmation of Giving or a Stewardship Coaching Session for membership?

Our mission is to help expand God's kingdom by supporting business leaders that are actively supporting their local church ministry. To keep true to this mission, The Ripple Effects requires each member to show that they are giving of their time, talent and treasures to their local church. When we pour our resources into a Christian business and help them grow, we want to see the fruits of that growth be reflected as additional support to the local church ultimately expand God's kingdom. Here is why we require the each item:

  1. Statement of Service (Time and Talents) - We believe that by agreeing to this statement, you are committing to serving God by serving your local church community, fulfilling the calling of Jesus to serve others with the blessings he has given you as it states in 1 Peter 4:10; "Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God's grace in its various forms."
  2. Proof of Financial Stewardship (Treasure) - We believe an easy method used to show a church member's commitment to their local church is their giving statement from their local church. We will also accept a Confirmation of Giving from a church administrator on church letterhead. Additionally, if financial stewardship has been an area a member wishes to learn more about and why God asks this of us, we are honored to be able to share these principles and help a member work toward God's requirement of tithing through the Stewardship Agreement option. It is our hope that every believer will experience the blessings that God has for them when they are faithful in stewardship. Just as Matthew 6:21 states, we believe that "where a person's treasure is there his heart will be also."

  3. Should you have any other question or concerns please contact the owner of The Ripple Effects, Jeff Baugus at 623.207.9857 ext 100 or by email to jeff@therippleeffects.com.